before I go…

yes, mummy is going away – and is finding it – well, not easy…

I am leaving my nest for almost a week, I think it is the first time ever since I became mum that I am leaving our little family and going far away to England for a felting course on making seamless garments with Charlotte Buch. I booked a place long time ago as there are only 12 and the time has come. Of course, from a felting point of view, I am looking forward. I haven’t been on any course yet and I look forward to meet the feltmaking master as well as other feltmakers, to learn and share – and come back :)!

But before I go and come back 🙂 and hopefuly have some garment to show you, I would like to show you what I have been working recently at. For a change, it was in black now.

Again and again I am drawn to the concept of combining felt with yarn, most of all I like how the yarn gives a bit of weight and hence good drape to felt, as the wool on it’s own is quite lightweight. Also, combining these two materials enables me to creat various textures and structures – and I feel there are still few things to be explored. In this scarf, I combined chunky acrylic yarn with fine merino and mulberry and tussah silk and then overdyed all with black acid dye. I wanted to achieve black as well as different shades of grey and charchoal, so I stuffed the scarf in a small pot and didn’t move it when dyeing. The scarf is almost 2 m long, yet soft, a bit chunky, especially when wrapped around the neck several times – and with a good drape.

bb b

And this is my second shibori piece. Again, I worked in white, merino embellished with mulberry silk. I was trying to make thin, but not cobweb cloth. Then I made a swirl and overdyed it with black. But, the end of the swirl opened and one end ended up being much darker. This turned out great though, as I feel unevenly dyed ends of the scarf just add interest to the beautiful pattern. I was tempted to leave the scarf to dry in a swirl shape, but my curiosity prevailed as I wanted to see tha patter. But I did’t iron it, so there is still a bit of texture there.

shib b

I wish you all have a good week! Speak to you when I come back!



7 thoughts on “before I go…

  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous all. Wonderful experiments and wonderful to hear about the techniques.

    An art class such as that is a worthy reason to leave the house. You’ll be back before you know it, richer for having gone.

  2. I really like the texture you achieve when you add yarn. It’s really interesting.
    Go, learn and have fun. Being away from the family is definetly difficult but think about it as a growing experience for both sides…
    From the felting point of view, I learnt more just by talking with other people and “networking” in my last (also first) workshop, than anything else. Learn a lot!

  3. Your work is beautiful.

    How exciting to be going on a course – although I understand the pull you must be feeling. I hope you have a fantastic time.

  4. the scarves are very dramatic, I especially love the shibori. Have a wonderful time with Charlotte Buch. Though you will all miss each other, your little ones gain so much by having a fulfilled, creative, happy mummy.

    I was very tempted by that course – would have been even more so if I’d known you’d be on it!! I bought her little book ‘How to make felt for clothing’ instead and have already found it very useful. Really looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing what you come back with.

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