my week

It was very hot and summery the weekend before the last one so I took my crochet hook to a (rather crowded) beach. Frist I made a circular piece, free form, just following my muse. It is too small for a brooch, so I am making a strap and it will be a cuff. I will dye it, am not sure about the colour yet. Either with tea, coffe or onion skins.

crochet b

And on Thursday I finished my first wire piece. Here it is. Silver plated and silver sterling wire + a square bead, just what I had in my stash, not much as I haven’t worked with beads so far.

wire ring b

And the rest of the time I spent with my white/wedding collection. It takes so much time to take/edit/upload pictures! But, it is all done now, hoorey!

mosaic wed coll b

PS: I was asked in the comments part if I made the collection for someone… I didn’t, I just had this need – after all those colourful pieces I made – to calm down :).  I also wanted to try out few different ways of combining the yarn with fleece and other designs of collars and felt brooches. I love colour, but I love  working in white too. It enables me to concentrate on texture and structure and push design so that it would be interesting even withot adding colour to it.


10 thoughts on “my week

  1. love the crochet… looks so neat. the whole wedding collection is fantastic. Is it for something special?? so many textures and ideas. Really cool.
    The ring, I told you already… very nice. DO you know this place: lots of free tutorials!

  2. Wow, your wedding collection is simply gorgeous, Monica!
    Very soft, feminine and gentle. Well done!
    Ohh, I’m a bit green about your freefrom crocheting dear!
    I’m still crocheting with patterns – LOL – I do like it though, it frees my mind! Love your progress! 🙂

  3. I think your wedding collection is beautiful Monika. Some lucky ladies out there will love wearing these! You are so talented and not afraid to experiment. I love following your blog!

  4. Hiya
    Lovely to see a glimps of your busy creative week.
    The wedding collection looks lovely, you are a very good model!
    Oh and the ring, I can’t wait to see it.
    I completely forgot which way I was to wrap the wire on my ring so I will bring it on Thursday and start from scratch, pestering you for instructions all the way I am sure!


  5. Oh my! Your wedding collection is beautiful – breathtakingly beautiful! You make me want to get married again just so I have an excuse to buy one of the pieces! 🙂

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