I have mentioned it here before – I love to finish my projects, I grow restless if there is work laying around and piling which is half done, half not and  can not be  used/worn/listed in my shop. Finishing – that’ s what I have been doing last week and today, finishing, finishing and more finishing. But first, let me tell you, what I was doing last Thursday.

I went to our local Multicultural Sewing Group which meets at the Merkinch Community Centre – not of Fridays anymore, but Thursdays and I met Anna there. Well, we had met on-line before and discovered that we live in the same town + she comes from the same region as I do. Anna is a jewellery maker, using wire and semi-precious and precious stones and her work is stunning. You can see more of it here and here on Flickr. She showed us some of her work and then demonstrated how to make a simpe pendant from a sea glass.

wire pendant b

 Now, I am quite taken away by this. For a long time I have wanted to learn at least basics of wirework, it has got a long tradition back home and when I was there on holidays last summer I even had a chance to attend a short workshop. What put me off was the hardness of the wire we used. You want to have it long enough to wrap your piece, but because it is long, it tends to twist and break… Anna says, it is because we used plated wire, with silver sterling, silver or copper wire this shouldn’ t be a problem. I hope not! She is coming next Thursday again to teach us how to make a ring, maybe like this. Materials and tools are ordered, just need to get a book :). Maybe this one?

I have been making more collars as a custom order and experimenting with abstract flower designs. I was surprised to see how much time it takes to make one brooch, especially the rose one.

collars b

The first and the third collar is made of pure cashmere in natural colours. It is amazingly soft fibre with a silky shean, a real pleasure and luxury to work with. The brown collar is made from very fine merino, embellished with nepps and silk. The pink collar is the one I wrote here some time ago, the one which kept changing the colour depending the bath it was in (alkaline/acidic) and is made of very fine merino dyed with brazilwood.

All of them close either with a button or snap fastener and the brooches serve more as and embellishment or can be used to reposition the ends of the collar, eg. to lay them more diagonal.

mosaic brooches b

And a few facts on the brooches :):  I like the first one the most and it sold very quickly, the second one made it to Etsy Stalker and the third one has been dyed with tea (the wool and tencel, not the silk leaves).

Wishing you all a good week! m.O.nika 🙂


3 thoughts on “finishing

  1. love all your work, as always, gorgeous colors and fibers.
    Funnily enough, I spent all of yesterday playing with wire. I love that pendant you showed here… the glass like that I just love and the simple lines of the wire complements it fantastically.
    Good luck with your wire experiments !

  2. Lovely collars Monika! The fastenings finish them off beautifully and I like the wavy edges you make. I love collecting sea glass from the beach and making mobiles and ornaments to hang in the garden using driftwood and wire. Have fun with your jewellery experiments!

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