holidays PS:

I thought I made almost nothing during the holidays…


but I managed to felt over 60 beads while watching Narnia by my most favorite writer C. S. Lewis



crochet few more rings when there was no energy to do anything else, they are so comfortable to wear


and making few more brooches on a borrowed Babylock Embellisher, model 7 . I tried Pfaff one with 5 needles, Creative Embellisher and also Joy Embellisher but this model 7 seems to me to be the best. The least noisy and runs smoothly and faster than any of the others.


6 thoughts on “holidays PS:

  1. Look how pretty the necklace is! Love those multicolor beads. You have been busy. I haven’t done much in a while…too sunny outside! 🙂

  2. I would say you achieved plenty in the hols.
    Well done. Your brooches are lovely, and the rings are really cute and unusual.
    Back to routine now. Say, what happened to that beautiful weather we were having?

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