We have had holidays…

… and a pretty busy one. I forgot that spring means some extra work around the house, tidying up the garden, planting…, painting fence and such – or I just didn’t hope much for a weather good enough to do all this outdoor jobs. However, the sun was out and sometimes even warm, so as usual we did not know what to do first: garden? fence? try a new bike? beach? woods? … Eventually, we managed almost all of it, plus a lot of playing, making, baking, being with friends and even some pool paddling! But we feel  somehow tired and could do with an extra week or so :). Nothing like that though, back to school tomorrow…


I always put away part of the toys and games as the girl’s room is not big + they don’t play with all what they have at the same time. So when I bring the box back to the house from a shed it is like if I bought new toys, the girls are rediscovering forgotten and it keeps them busy and happy for a good few days. Then I pack other toys, books and games into the same box and to the shed it goes again. You can see them playing in the first photo… + Margaretka has found her small loom and is abut to finish her first woven piece!

Little birds, hearts and a ring we made from a shrink plastic. It is sold as sheets of plastic on which you can stamp and draw and then it goes in the oven and shrinks considerably. Joni Pippin had shown me this once and I bought the plastic of e-bay. It is a nice and easy craft to do with children of any age – as long as they can hold a pencil or stamp. And bigger one can make jewellery – rings, pendants…

In the top middle picture you can see Caroline from Secretsuperheroes who made (handmade) a wooden spoon for me from a piece of wood found locally!!!! Amazing, isn’t it?


And here you see how warm it was one sunny Friday and the girls planting Nasturtium seeds which they collected from plants last autumn, the painted fence (which I started to paint last spring and never finished) and Margaretka sewing.


As you guess I haven’t done much felting, only, when little fingers were baking those funny little cupcakes at the neighbours, I quickly laid fibres for these two scarves…


 … and in the evenings I was editing and listing some of the brooches in my shop….


…and  finished the felt bead necklace.



4 thoughts on “We have had holidays…

  1. What fantastic family fun you have had. All that creativity! Sounds like you need another holiday to recover!

  2. how cute are those shrink plastic birds??

    Love the cake’s, mmm hungry and I remember weaving like that when I was younger. I think I’ll come over to you for the holiday, looks like fun!! 🙂

  3. What busy bees you’ve been!!
    It’s lovely to see all your creativity with the girls!
    beautiful work…..beautiful family!
    xox ♥

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