jewelry made

To keep mummy young and pretty, my older daughter made this set for Mother’s day. A butterly brooch…


necklace with origami birds…


and this fantastic ring! I like it very much, such a simple and effective idea, a button threaded on a pipe cleaner – and in a matching colours :)!


She also gave me a bracelet, bright green and red pipe cleaner twisted together, but I have already recycled it – with her permission of course. When I saw it I remembered reading somewhere about felting around pipe cleaners… so I made this bangle, which you can see on the next picture. The wool attaches well thanks to the “brush” around the wire, but the bangle is more pliable than when I felted around ordinary wire bangle. I made this set of red and grey  jewelry yesterday, at the feltmaker’s meeting.



Here is also a necklace, made following excellent tutorial by ArtMind!


During the week I was a busy bee, I had an embellisher for a few more days and was playing with colours and making more brooches. It is a good colour exercise and was interesting to see how they sometimes “change” when next to each other. I will show you more when I process the pictures.


On Thursday I went to our local sewing group and was determind to learn some crochet, especially crocheted beads which I would like to combine with felted ones.  A friend of mine showed me how to start and I finished off this yellow one later at home. It is more of an egg shape actually, but a good start. I hope it is not the end too, because…


when I was trying to make another one, look what happend! It was going to be a doilly instead :), so I quickly stopped and made – a ring! I would like to know what you think about it, but I must tell you, I REALLY love it. It is soft, I hardly feel it on my finger and I like the simple design very much. I was thinking of adding a bead in the middle…, hm, maybe next ring  will be with a bead – that is, if there is a next one… because, who knows what will come out of my next crocheting attemt? 🙂

Have a good week all, we are having two weeks of Easter holidays, but the weather outside feels like if it was January!



6 thoughts on “jewelry made

  1. you’ve been busy!
    I love the ring! And on top of all its already mentioned qualities, it’s red! great stuff.
    I really like your kandinski brooches. I have never worked with an embellisher (haven’t even seen one live and direct) but, judging for your posts, it must be a fun toy!

    Your daughter is an artist as well! I love when children get creative!

  2. love the rings your daughter made, it reminded me that i still have a wee box with precious pieces inside that my girls made for me. Also love the crochet ring, such an unusual idea!

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