wet hands

After a while of dry felting I had my hands wet again. I still don’t feel fit enough to make bigger pieces, so I was working small again.



I am trying to make as many felted balls/beads as possible and in as many colours and colour combinations – and then see what to do with them next. I am surprised how long it takes to make a larger amount of them! I would like to make a loong necklace and also make beads from other materials/using other techniques and combine them somehow. That is a plan, it often happens though that before I realize it other ideas cries to be materialized. Since New Year I have been sewing, screenprinting, learning to crochet, shibori dyeing…in my mind only, in reality I was working on the jacket, brooches, which I didn’t plan to and now – felting another batch of soaps in new colours, an order from a local shop.


Prefelts made, shapes cut, soaps wrapped. Time consuming and labour intensive work…



4 thoughts on “wet hands

  1. I have never made a soap in a jacket! hahaha I must be the only felter!
    I tried some shibori the other day, and Im going to post some pics later… it is true though that in my head I havea million projects to do and little comes out in reality because, well… life.
    With the beads, I made a bunch of necklaces combining felted beads with wooden, glass, seed beads… a bit of everything. I really liked doing them, it was very therapeutical! And they flew out of the shop! I think I have a few left in my etsy shop (as a matter of fact I think they are the only things left in my etsy shop… ).
    Well, if it is any consolation, what did come to realization from your hands, was very beautiful work!

  2. Love the colours of your beads. Will you post a photo of the finished results? Happy Mother’s Day by the way!

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