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I was going to write  how peaceful and uninterrupted week I have had, when all of the sudden we were hit here in the house by another wave of stomach bugs. First it was him, soon after me and now I can only guess which daughter is going to be the next one. It seems that we can not enter spring without this…

Last week I was working on small projects and finishing some old ones. I like to start and finish  and at the moment I am in such a stage in my life when I like to make things which can be used, worn, eaten or played with – but worn mainly, as you have probably noticed. 

Long time ago I dyed these cowls, now it was time to finish them. They are soft and very easy and comfortable to wear.  I still have some udyed so if anybody is interested I can dye them in a chosen colour.


I also embellished our daughter’s jeans – I like to buy plain clothes and personalize them with my own designs. Must admit though, then sometimes they are worn out before I get round to do so :)!



For quite some time I was planning to write a tutorial on how to make a candleholder/lantern which I have in my Etsy shop. It seems to be liked,  both there and on Flickr, I have received many compliments on it so far,  questions how is it made and if it is safe to use. From my experience I may say so. The process is VERY simple and no previous felting experience is needed. In fact, it is easier to make then to wrap ! That was the main reason why I wrote the tutorial – so that I wouldn’t have to make a box to post it in :).

Talking about tutorials, you might like to check ArtMind’s shop. She has got four tutorials now on sale, three of them are listed as SPECIAL with the product for which you would only pay the postage! I was too impatient and bought one tutorial before she listed the special ones – I suspect it was that red colour which made me to rush…:)

The rest of the time I spent with Kandinsky inspired brooches, attaching pins, taking and processing pictures and making few more.



I could make them for hours, I suppose it is the fact that I can play with fibre + colours and their combinations which attracts me so much. Let me know which one is your favorite! Can you imagine that you would actually wear them?


9 thoughts on “working small

  1. Are the kandinsky pins needlefelted or is that machine embroidery? They are a lovely collection. I would absolutely wear them, changing often. Thanks for the tutorial for making lanterns. Can’t wait to try it!

  2. I love the kandinsky brooches… the last pic, the red one (obviously) with light blue…lovely! Actually they are all great! Did you get the needle machine back?

    About the candle holder, it is not only supberly looking but also, it is safe. Wool doesn’t ignite that easily. That is one firemens clothing is made of 100%wool… My husband is a volunteer firemen for the petrochemical where he works, and he has received for the uniform, the most beautiful blue merino shirts… soft, warm…just gorgeous.

    I don’t know which stomach bug that is, I never got it, I think we dont have that one in Argentina and so far in NL lots of people get it but I seem to be immune. Im not immune to colds though, and here I am again… with a stuffed nose.
    Get well soon!

  3. Hope you are all over the bug. Of course I could imagine wearing the brooches, they are stunning. Good simple shape whihc just lets the colours sing. Well done, get them listed asap!

  4. Hi you….I AM still blogging…more than I used to in fact!
    I LOVE all your brooches…it’s hard to choose….
    I really like the oval-ness of them.
    Speak soon…

    love H xxxxxxx

  5. LOVE these! The colors are so joyful and divine:)
    Good to “see” you and your work! I miss being connected and will stop by more often this spring…

  6. I simply LOVE your brooches, Monika! They are sublime!
    Seems like I haven’t visited your blog for ages & it seems like you have been busy!
    I love the fact that you have taken up crocheting and the ring is super! Love it too!
    Thanks heaps for mentioning & trying out my tutorial!
    Many hugs to you! 🙂

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