There is always someting…

…else then writing a blogpost…:), so here is that “else” I have been doing.


Last Saturday I was at the Highland Feltmakers Group and a local fibre artist, Ruth Black, gave us good workshop on using the embellisher,  machine similar to the sewing one, but instead of one neadle and thread there are needlfelting needles, from 5 up to 12 (has the latest version!). So the machine does all the hard work  (+), but you can work 3D only to a certain extent (-).

For quite a long time I had this idea of making felt brooches a`la Kandinsky (inspired by this painting of Wassily Kandinsky), but wasn’t sure if I am ready to spend hours punching with barbed needles, embroider them or…? The Embellisher was just the right answer. I borrowed the group’ s machine and spent three days playing on it.


The brooches I made the first day are all in muted tones. One is already sitting on my barret, which is rather unusual since I hardly wear what I make. It is partially because “a shoemaker has often bare feet” and also because I materialize my ideas in my creations, but not all of them are my style. It is rather contradictory, isn’t it?


The second day I was sort of painting with fibres and seeing what’s possible on this front.


And the third I went big and bold. I will show you the rest of them when I get round taking pictures. The machine is now with Caroline and to me less exciting part is left – attaching pins. I hoped to have it done by today, but…


I was making some cow costumes as our younger daughter’ s class is preparing for the Inverness Music Festival with a song Cows in the kitchen, moo, moo, moo, farmer in the haystock, ducks in the dresser,… and so on :), quite amusing words, really. So I made simple costumes from old pillowcases and then me and her painted them together and it took us ages!

And I also made few preparations for felting demonstration for the celebration of the International Woman’ s Day, event organized by a local International Woman’ s Group. Women – crafters, makers and other groups like Fairtrade and  Oxfam were showcasing their skills and activities. A lot of yummy food, music, dancing and, well, making – as you can see from some of the pictures. I met there a lovely lady Gill, from Artisan Threads, who spins yarn only from the British wool and dyes with natural dyes (the middle picture). Beautiful colours!!! It reminded me – the gorse is starting to bloom….



6 thoughts on “There is always someting…

  1. WOw! would love to go to a fair-market like that with women from all over the place.
    The brooches are beautiful! I thought you had been punching like crazy…I always forget about the machine! it’s like I deny its existance or something hahaha.
    that very same Kandinsky painting has been in my head as a project to make with wool, hand felted wall hanging or somethign like that….one day…

  2. The brooches are superpretty! Love ’em! Saves you a lot of time!
    I love the cowcostume too – your daughters are so lucky with a creative mom like you! 🙂

  3. i love those brooches! i used to love making costumes for my 3, really miss that theytoo old now, my favourite was a big fat dragon one.

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