Felt Jacket

Thank you very much for all your well wishes. I am better, but not 100 % myself. I would like to share whith you today what I was working on recently.

I was asked by one lovely customer on Etsy to make a jacket from felt. I felt very honored by her trust in my skills, since she left all the design work in my hands, just mentioning her favorite colours.

First, I was working on the design and I made half a dozen of samples, some of them in a form of a scarflette.


 Since the colours I was working with were bright – orange, scarlet and claret, I eventually decided to keep things simple and used the design of this small neckwarmer for the jacket.


It is part of the jacket now, which is made without a collar – to keep warm and add volume around the neck.



To produce  fabric which would be soft, with a good drape yet durable I counted with shrinkage almost 200 %. It meant laying the fibre on the floor, for each part of the jacket separetly. Since I was using three colours I had to be careful to use the same amount of each of them on all parts + the same weight of the fibre all round through. Here, calculator and scales came in hand .

Both front and back side of the jacket is nuno felted, the sleaves are not. I used silk chiffon to stabilize the felt and to create ruffles around the edges. All parts are felted to a desired lenght so that I could use ruffles for a collar and bottom edges of the jacket.

The jacket is made from merino 21 micron, embellished with mulberry silk in claret and hot pink and little amount of trilobal nylon, which shimmers when the sun shines on the fabric.

I envisioned a jacket which would be a statement; bold, a little bit bohemian, yet feminine and interesting to look at for a while. I feel I got somewhere close to it.


19 thoughts on “Felt Jacket

  1. What a fantastic job you have done!
    It is beautiful, bohiemian and, as is all your work, classy and femanine.
    Phew! what a job laying all that felt must of been!
    Well done.


  2. Close?? I think you were spot on!!
    The sleeves were just wool, not nuno felted?? Did you mean 20% or 200% shinkrage?/ Im not trying ot be a smart ass, just trying to learn! hahaaha and I can’t figure how you calculate a 200% shrinkage…that would be a whole lot of wool, right??
    I think the colors are great, the shape and design just lovely! I want one too now. 🙂

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your wonderfull comments, I appreciate them very much!!!

    Here is a it more info, as a response to Marian´s question:

    I hope I did not make any math error, I really meant 200 %, which means that if I wanted the lenght to be 65 cm then I laid the fibre more than 130 cm long. Is it 200 % (130/65×100) ??? Correct me, please, if not!

    I made a sample and measured it before and after felting. The lenght shrank less than the width – here I had shrinkage around 2.4 .

    I laid two very fine layers of merino on the chiffon. It meant that I could shrink the felt a lot (durability) and yet have felt soft and with a good drape and not thick.

    The sleeves are just wool, no silk backing. Chiffon is quite expensive here and I would need another cca 7 m for them plus I wanted them to be a bit softer. But they are not thinner.

    Hope it all makes sense!

  4. The scarflettes are gorgeous and the jacket superb. Lucky lady who gets to wear this one! Nice lively colours too.

  5. You certainly scored on this jacket. I am amazed and impressed and more than a little jealous. This has been the number one project on my wishlist for a long time. Now I really have to get working. Did you mention what you used to sew the jacket? Which jacket pattern? I love the colors!

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