Through my (new) lens

One of the things which has kept me busy recently is our new camera. We have upgraded from the compact one to DSLR, a big leap for someone who was used to just press one button and shoot! To understand better the possibilities and learn about photo manipulation I also took two short workshops organized locally.

I took these pictures in the Floral Hall, where me and Caroline took our(selves) & children on the last day of half term holidays. Such an inspiring place!


Another thing, which keeps me busy and tired is some mysterious stomach pain. That’s one of the reasons I have been more quiet recently, using my energy on houswork and some custom orders I had. I hope to share more with you soon.


7 thoughts on “Through my (new) lens

  1. Lovely pics. I’ll need to go to the FLoral Hall sometime. Looks better than I imagined!

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling so great. Hope the mysterious pain goes away.

  2. Fabulous work:) You are amazing!

    Thinking of you today as I wear a scarf made by you. Also, hoping you are well.

    Glad I stopped by…as always:) Our family is crazy busy…but we are liking it that way.


  3. Oh no… hope you get better soon from the mystery pain… I hate being sick so I can relate to your quietness.
    Well, your new lens is making you express in your photos incredibly well!

  4. Hi Monica,
    Glad you are enjoying your new camera. Love the shots in the Floral Hall which, as you say is a great place (and nice and warm!) I especially like the succulent shot. Have great fun with your camera and get well soon.

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