Softfibre update

We are having half term holidays right now. I don’t usually felt when the girls are at home, I try to spend more time with them or just be there if they want/need me. I prefer to work in solitude, when I am on my own and it is quiet around, I can let my inspiration flow and also the material and the process speak to me and I learn a lot just by observing it. So during holidays I try to have no projects on my desk (and my mind!, that’s sometimes hard), but use the time to finish already made or do some computer work. 

 That’s what I have been doing last three days as well. I took pictures of almost all fibres I have  accumulated since I have started felting and listed them in my other Etsy shop, Softfibre.  I enjoy reading and learning about different fibres, both natural and man-made and wish to try them all, but I just need more space in the house. So, if you are a felter, spinner, weaver, like to make silkpaper or use raw fibres in other way, I invite you  there to see if there is something of interest to you.


These are all wool nepps in different colours and natural white. They are harder ball-like and snail-like shapes, by products of wool processing and are excellent for adding texture to spun yarn or felt.


This is: tussah silk nepps, tussah silk fibre, mulberry silk, kid mohair locks prior and after cleaning, English wool, loose cotton fibre, acrylic slubs and nepps. Some for adding texture, some to add shean to duller wool.


This is: nylon fibre for spinning, white alpaca top, white cashmere, cashmere noil, chinchilla fibre, brown and grey cashmere, chocolate alpaca and again nylon top.

I am not going to quit felting :), but in the near future, for what I hope to be making, I will need only some of these fibres.


5 thoughts on “Softfibre update

  1. Beautiful phots. One looked just like whipped cream! I have apssed a tog onot you but now I come to type I think you may have already done it and passed it onto me a few months ago. Forgive me its half term!

  2. So many fibers! So many lovely colors!!! Love all the collages!
    I like working in solitude as well… I dream with the day that I will have (because I WILL) my own studio or Atelier. Somewhere just for me. It could also help that my kid went to school! ahahah when he goes to the kindergarden it is just for 2.5 hours..that is not enough for a large project!

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