The Fourth in the Fourth

I was tagged by Bev from Far away me, proud mummy of two cute little boys. The tag is quite simple so I will participate. I am to show you the fourth picture in my fourth folder. I am not sure which folder counts as the first one, I have folders for each month, each full of sub-folders :).


This is a detail of a scarflette which I made recently. I have been working on a custom order and made several samples in colours of orange and hot pink, some of them in a form or scarfflete. They are all nuno felted with silk chiffon or silk ponge in some way, I was exploring this technique a little bit more. Since I showed you a detail, I can aslo share with you the whole piece. Here it is:




I would like to pass on this tag to Marianne, Margie, Marian and Joni.


2 thoughts on “The Fourth in the Fourth

  1. Lovely texture on that last pic! And great colors. I must say I never thought orange and pink could look so good! ahahaha Looks really great. Tagged I am, I will show! (I have such a mess of pics in my comp…this will be interesting…).

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