Around the blogs, part 2

Lisa from U-handbag  is “the proud and happy owner of U-Handbag, an online shop for all bag making fanatics (and fanatics to be!) ”  She is also author of another blog, Craft-Boom, where she writes about marketing an art and craft on-line. Both of ther blogs are very interesting, right now she posts on her first one a tutorial how to make a handbag.  I highly recommend to check these blogs, there is plenty of very useful information in both of them. (Here, for example, is a link to a long list of her other tutorials!)

You can also find her step-by-step instructions on making various types of bags in The Sewing World, published here in the UK. And talking about sewing, there is another very good magazine called Threads, published in USA.  You can subscribe to their newsletter which will remind you what’s new in the magazine and on their site, be inspired by what others made (not only sewn, but embellishing, tips how to make a fitted dressmaking dummy…) or get some wisdom in their forum (called Gatherings, need to sign up).


3 thoughts on “Around the blogs, part 2

  1. what great links, I espcially like the “clone a dressmakers dummy” one!

    I tagged you over on my blog, you don’t have to join in but I would be very interested in which picture you end up with if you do!

  2. Hiya I’ve just spent the last hour or so reading bag and purse making tutorials!
    So thanks for the links : )
    I’ve ordered some stuff to have a play with too, it will be nice to make something for myself without always thinking about the shop!
    Hope you are all well and still enjoying the snow, we have all been a bit sicky but feeling better now. The snow is sooo deep out here!

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