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I was thinking today what to write about here, not that things have not been happening or I have been iddle… I just find it sometimes weird to write about myself, me, my work, my… whatever, so I decided today to check some blogs in my blogroll and share with you what others are doing.

Caroline from The House of Secret superheroes was on a Photoshop course  and look what image she produced with all newly gained skills! Wow. Besides, she has a giveaway,  you can win a print of your choice from her shop. She has got there some very sweet Valentine’s card too.

Marian from Florcita’s Art has incorporated marbles and pebbles into felt, very interesting idea, you can see on her blog, how it looks  and what she used the felt for.

Margo from Her Majesty Margo is a feltmaker and embroiderer. While she has been busy making some lovely gifts for newly born babies, she mainly posts about her feltmaking experiments on her blog. They are both inspiring and beautiful.

On Jenny Dean’s blog you can read about dyeing with fungi. Just to remind you, she has writen books on natural dyeing, so if you are into natural dyes, you will find a lot of very helpful information on her blog!

Fiona from Lovefibre posted about her unintentional felting experiment, turning a knitted scarf into a felted one! The result is amazing!

Ruth from Permutations in Fibre is a feltmaker and is working on quilts at the moment, using deconstructive screenprinting. You can see pretty results of this technique on her blog.


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