fairy colours

I have got a friend and she is a fairy. She has got  long black hair, lives in the woods and makes most unusual things, fairytale things. Look…
So I have got this friend and she loves colours. Clashing colours that is.
After one dyeing day I was looking at the rovings of merino laying on the table, all in the most bright colours you can achieve with acid dyes. I was looking at them, not knowing exactly what to do… when suddenly I remembered the fairy! What if I just use all of them in one piece? I took a deep breath and did. This is the result…
Seems ..  no matter how clashing the colours originally were, the way the fibre blends when felted softens them and brings them all together.

4 thoughts on “fairy colours

  1. Monika….I’m really, really touched by this!
    I have little fairy tears rolling down my cheeks!

    and all those colours are fabulous…all merged together!

    well done for stepping into the world of clash!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ♥

  2. I love the way that hand dyed thread and fabrics always go together. They seem to have a softness to them that means the colours don’t clash.

  3. i actually like it like that sort of blended anyway. Lovely colors. I linked to one of your shops in a post in my blog… previous post. Just wanted to let you know, hope it is ok cos I didnt ask… 🙂

  4. Ohh, that is so daring! I’m too much of a wimp to do that I’m afraid – I’m boring perhaps as I’m the ‘ton-sur-ton’ kinda person…
    I love the result though – I think it turned out really well!
    And besides that, you made a little fairy very happy which is even beter then any result you would achieve! 🙂

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