I missed you all, honestly! I hope you are doing well and being creative and enjoying slightly longer days! Have you noticed? It’s not dark anymore at 3.30 pm!!! Spring is coming!

This week I have come to a stage when I could not put off felting for any longer. After the school has started there was this and that and yet another thing to do or finish and the days passed and here I was, with a few felted stones on a plate…


and some other versions of  l o v e  stones …



and, well, ok, another batch of felted soaps…


and this little felted magnets, Mrs She and Mr He :)… who can only stand this close


…otherwise they kiss.


It all started with a custom order on Etsy  and you know how it is, one idea leads to another… but I think I have enough of hearts for now and am ready for some bigger felt, scarves that is. Not that I wouldn’t like to felt other things, but I just thought it would be worth to work with one concept for some time and explore the idea of felting with yarns or incorporating other materials as well. Plus I have had a dyer’s hat on again, trying to achive specific colours, still working on that. So my creative self feels a bit relieved, I have managed to felt few scarves and dyed some wool and silk.

There was a suggestion or two among the comments to the last post that I could sell prints of eg. the felted stones. Thank you for the idea, I have never thought of that, but.. may be … One Day… I have got this imaginary One Day list – whenever I think of some technique, materials, tools I haven’t tried yet, places I haven’t seen, people I haven’t met…I put it on this list. It’s not exactly a wishing list, it’s more like list of possibilities or hopes and I get quite excited when I think of it.

So, until that Day comes, when I have a proper printer…, learn to print my cards… and start selling them…, feel free to contact me, if you would like to have any of my images, I will be happy to send them in the desired size and resolution. ’cause of    l o v e 🙂


4 thoughts on “red2white

  1. I love how simple but beautiful your love stones are. And Mr He and Mrs She are awesome! what a great idea!

    I have a similar list of ideas and thing, places, people, books…etc. I made myself a book a few weeks ago and I have decided to start writing them down and sketching things otherwise on the moment that I decide I want to try something… I already forgot.

  2. Thank you, Mariana and Caroline!

    I think it would be quite interesting to write a post about those book/s where we note our ideas, either to develop them or not forget or whatever the reason is and whatever we call them. Shall we?

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