l o v e

Mitsy from ArtMind has tagged me to write about five things I love every day. I would like to pass on the tag to Lorie, Jackie, Joanna, Ruthie and Ruth.

As for me daily I love to

  • walk
  • listen – to quiet, for at least an hour 
  • touch – needle, thread, fibre, cheeks of my daughers…to hug and be hugged
  • see – what’s new in my on-line space
  • taste – something very sweet

and the same as a year ago I have been stitching some    l o v e   


in white, because love is pure

 in red, because to love means to sacrifice sometimes

embroidering with a thread, because love  joins

on stones, ’cause love never fails.



9 thoughts on “l o v e

  1. How lovely! Using senses then is a big thing! And to think that so many people are numb to the sensitory world.

    Loooove your “loves”

  2. What a loving post. I really think you should consider selling prints of these in your shop to be used as valentine cards. I would love a copy of the second one.
    your friend awaiting the postman with a sore back 🙂

  3. The last comment is right, these would make amazing cards, you could do other words aswell like “friend”. Thanks for Tagging me, I will do this next week.

  4. Thank you everyone for your love-ly comments! 🙂
    And the tip as well! …one day… i will make those prints, I have got a very long One Day list, I should post about it…

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