Back to school…

…means for mummy that she can go back to felt. I haven’t felted a thing during the holidays, instead I was trying to catch up with some listings of scarves I had made before holidays started. Here they are…


This first one is made of cashmere, probably the most luxurious fibre I have felted so far. I have it in two shades, vanilla and mocha and laid tha darker one in the middle. The felt is very soft and has a beautiful sheen, I woud say almost if I used silk on top of merino.


The fibre which I used for this scarf is probably the most extraordinary I have used so far. It is a genuine chinchilla hair. Again, very soft, giving a great texture, felts easily. Becasue it is shorter I “stabilized” it with very thin layer of merino in between. Chinchilla seems to me similar to angora fibre, it is as soft andย  about the same lenght.


This white wrap is the biggest thing I have felted so far, from the kitchen worktop I had to go down on the floor covered with a plastic sheet, well on the carpet in the lounge I should say.ย  Finished, it measures 60 x 180 cm or 24 x 70 inch and is heavily embellished with mulberry silk on both sides.


And here is a bit ๐Ÿ™‚ of colour. Merino felted with tencel, cellulose fibre, first in a natural ecru then dyed. The last one is nunofelted, different shades of red merino felted in yellow silk chiffon. I left edges without merino to create this lovely frills.




8 thoughts on “Back to school…

  1. You’ve certainly experimented with lots of different “hairs” ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the first too. Well, I like them all actually but I am very intrigued about the “new” hairs. Have you worked with bamboo? Somebody told me that they had it in their shop, but I can’t remember who…and now I’m here all ready to spend money and can’t find the right shop! hahhaa

    Lucky you! your kids go back to school…mine not just yet.

  2. Thank you all!
    With or without the girls at home, life is somewhat busy at the moment here. Thank you for stopping by!

    I have discussed the “bamboo” matter with Marian, but for anybody else interested, it is very similar to tencel, both are cellulose fibres, don’t felt on their own, but are good for adding a shean to merino and can be dyed. I have tencel in my shop…

  3. All of these are beautiful Monika but especially the white shawl.

    I just had a look through your blog and you have some great photos! Nice to have a virtual visit up north through your blog : )

  4. Monika – Thanks for comment on my blog. I wasn’t trying to get jet black over the whole piece. I wanted a more mottled effect. As it worked out, it was more black than what I had planned but I like it. Plans are for stitching it a bit to give it more texture. Your scarves are absolutely gorgeous! Have you checked out the felting forum before? Everyone there would love to see your work. It’s at and we’d love for you to join us.

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