Two trips of the last two days

We have had such wonderful weather this Christmas holidays, it is like a special Christmas gift from heaven! It was milder on Thursday, but yesterday frosty again. We decided to go to our nearest beach in Nairn and during our 12 miles journey experienced changes of thick fog and absolutely clear sky approximately 6 times. Luckily, it was sunny and calm in Nairn, but when we were about to leave a thick fogg or haar appeared all of the sudden and stayed till the end of the day. We felt pretty lucky – to be on the beach in those few clear hours.

I am very greatful for this weather especially for the girls, it is about the only activity we can do outdoors, to go for walks as there is no snow they could play in.

I enjoy taking pictures more and more and would like to improve both my shooting and editing skills and maybe buy a better camera. There is so much beauty everywhere and when I have a camera with me I somewhow pay more attention to details, or sometimes notice details which I would have not hadn’t I taken the picture. Neddless to say, the colours, shapes and textures are all great source of inspiration…




And from today’s trip to Findhorn beach, our small celebration of the end of wonderful holidays we have had, here we went the very first day, that’s why we came back…





4 thoughts on “Two trips of the last two days

  1. you may not have snow but I am so envious that you live near the sea! Gorgeous photographs, aah I miss being near the sea!

  2. i so agree, i too am loving what i see through the lense of my camera, it opens my eyes to so much more! only since i started my blog have i begun to really get into taking photos. , i read somewhere the other day, its not the camera that takes the pics, but the eye of the beholder, i love the images you have taken are beautiful *ruthie*

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