A trip of the day – River Ness Islands

Who could stay inside if it is soooo beautiful outside? Everything still covered with “sugary ice” and absolutely calm. Feels like in a Wonderland. Just look!


We went to the River Ness Islands today for a walk. The river flows through the city centre and not far from there are the wooded islands in the river linked by Victorian style wobbly footbridges. The place is a home to many species of birds and wild ducks. There are paths which meander around the islands with benches in all kinds of different shapes.


This robin made our day. Sitting there and bearing with me as I was coming closer and closer to make this shot.


Loch Ness Monster coming out of the River Ness


And my two dear monsters



2 thoughts on “A trip of the day – River Ness Islands

  1. Your photos are wonderful.
    It has been unusually frosty – everything looks like a fairytale.
    My dogs love it.

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