What’s hanging on your Christmas tree?

this is what hangs on ours, quite an international company…


from ArtMind from Belgium, look how she shaped the hands and legs! They are so dear! Wonderful little happy creatures!

Margaretka was so inspired, that she made her own version (string and a cellotape is always a safe medium:). Here you can see younger one, Mariettka, holding it with her crafty hands :-).


Margaretka has also handcrafted this origami bird. She tries to persuade me to sell her creations in my etsy shop… I say, make things, make more and I will open a shop for you :-)… and I mean it.


From my dear neignbour. From a beautiful and very delicate shisha work (mirror in the middle) you can tell that she is originally from India.


and another lovely friend born in India gave me this elephant


and this bird came from far Tasmania to Scotland with a friend from The Common Threads.


and the angel,which is local,

bought when we moved over.

It will always remind me our first Christmas in Scotland!


I love it so much when there is a story/history behind things!

It’s like if they became alive for a tiny weeny second when my eyes lay upon them, and then I start to think about the person and the time…

…so, what’s hanging on your tree?…


One thought on “What’s hanging on your Christmas tree?

  1. Love your international tree and the Belgian angels sure are in good company! 😉
    Margaretka’s angel is super beautiful! I love the color she added – it looks like frost! A big cheer for angels! 🙂

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