Felting update

I hope and believe you all had lovely and happy Christmas! We did and are still enjoying this holiday time, being all at home, no rush in the morning, having daddy for the whole day long, going for short trips, eating yummy food, trying to keep life simple and yet it is special, because it is, well, different!

Our girls, as many other children, have always wondered if Santa is real, and how he will get in if we have no chimny and tell me to leave some snack for him in front of the door. I say, children know better and that he might have a magic key – and forget to leave that snack…but am forgiven…

After this yar’s Christmas day Margaretka has figured out that Santa is not real, because if he was he would have used different wrapping paper and his writing would have been different as well. Yes, my dear, you are right, I says. And she was not dissapinted and we agreed to play “let’s pretend” for the future Christmas…

I was hoping to take pictures of some of our Christmas tree decorations and tell you a bit about them, but I seem to be never around to take pictures when there is enough daylight, so it will have to wait. Instead, I will show you some of my scarves I made before Christmas.

the first one reminds me of birch woods I used to live next to many moons ago, admiring texture and sheen of a birch bark and the colour of young leaves



The colours  and fuzzy texture of the yarn which I felted with fine merino inspired me to make another fishnet scarf, this time more dense, with holes just here and there :).





5 thoughts on “Felting update

  1. Oh!~ your red lantern is on the front page of Etsy tonight!

    So pretty!

    I love your new scarves…especially the birch bark one. 🙂

    Everyone loves their gifts from your shop…my husband has the heart bowls and my son’s girlfriend has the yellow scarf…it looks great with her very dark curly hair.

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