Let me distract you from all Christmas related with a couple of interesting links.

First,  for all dyers, especially those who dye with natural dyes. Thanks to Fiona from Lovefibre I learnt that  India Flint, an author of a beautiful book Eco Colour  keeps blog Not all those who wander are lost and Jenny Dean who wrote  Wild Colour, my main source of info for natural dyeing,  keeps a blog too, Jenny Dean’s Wild Colour.

Another wild, but this time magazine is  Wild Fibres  magazine.  I have discovered it while browsing through addverts in Selvedge . The add said:  “Spend the night with cashmere herders in the Himalayas, learn how natural dyes are made in Bhutan, or gather quiviut off the frozen tundra of the Canadian Arctic, Wild Fibbers is dedicated to all aspects of the fiber industry – from animal to artisan.” .  In the UK, you can either buy individual issuess or subscribe on-line at P & M Woolcraft. I bought the current Winter 2008 issue and subscrided as well, so I will keep you informed with every new issue. Every article is worth reading, but what I found most interesting were information on different animals, some of them rare,  which provide fibers for fibre industry, eg. baby bison and tibetan yak (fibre is harvested by gently hand combing live, young animals) or guanaco, lama and vicuna, all from camelidae family. Although there is one knitting project, the rest of the magazine covers fibre related info and stories from different parts of the world.


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