Saturday out

After heavy showers and blustery winds we woke up into calm, mild and sunny Saturday. The weather is what usually determinates our programme, so we decided to go for a litle trip. Frist, we stopped for a delicious lunch, a real treat for mummy who did not have to cook, and then headed to Findhorn  on a beach. Christmas has started in our house! We are all slowing down, getting into “be”ing mode. I have no big plans for cooking or baking – if any, then just to make a dove for the girls to bake whatever they like. The biggest and the only task is to wrap presents for them and friends we have here. I was playing with the idea of sewing big, Santa-type sacks, saving my time, money and mother Earth, but am not sure wether they would not be met with dissapointment. Maybe, next year. After they open this year’s presents and see all the wrapping paper, we might have a discussion or two about the green issues.


tides were weaving these patterns




8 thoughts on “Saturday out

  1. Mitsy, you are a lucky girl then! I don’t like wrapping presents at all, to me it is such a vanity, I can already see all the papers flying around!
    But I love watching the girls when they are opening them – that’s the best moment of Christmas. And that’s the only little thing which puts me off making those sacks :).

    Joanna, I saw them on your blog, let us know how the aduls liked them.

  2. I wrap my presents in reused brown paper and then a strip and bits of recycled coloured paper from last year. It takes longer as you have to find good bits and often iron them. But i do feel good recycling it and I save money.
    I sometimes use scraps of fabric too. I love trying to find ways of making them look good.
    My partners family are not keen on this homespun look. but thats just me and so they have learned to expect it.

  3. As I said on Flickr the pics are great.
    I did little bags out of simple fabrics, nothing luxurious or anything extravagant. Of course, these were for adults, I don’t know what a youngster would think. WHen they looked at the bag as if it all was too weird, I explained….. recycle, paper, waste…etc. And they all said aaaaah! good! great!…
    I sort of personalize them by adding their name or a little something. I even made a couple handfelted. Those are just gifts on themselves, right?

  4. Thank you all for your interesting comments! Now I see that people DO recycle! And in so many different ways!
    When I was small we also used to reuse the wrapping paper. My mum would never use cellotape, just the paper and ribbon and we were told to unwrap the paper carefuly, no tearing. Beacause it was thicker one we could use it next year. Thus, every Christmas, only one new roll was needed. My mum still does it this way, but it is something unheard of at my parents-in-law.
    I already talked about sacks with my older daughter, the answer was: “but it would be boring, no unwrapping…!” Mitsy, your link is interesting, each gift could be individually wrapped and the wrapping reused.

    PS: Do I understand it well, the fancy wrapping paper could be reused if without cellotape??? Any idea?

  5. Hi Monika!
    It has been so spring-like for a few days hasn’t it!
    It’s lovely to hear about your day out..Findhorn is one of my fave beaches…did you go to the foundation too? The houses are amazing…and the Pheonix shop!
    You’ve probably been there lots already….
    I’m like you this year and not going over board with food, or presents.
    I look around and see all the queues, traffic jams into town, the mad rush to buy, buy,buy!….It’s all gone too commercial for me!
    I’m buying the cheapest wrapping paper, and I do try to keep hold of the larger pieces from previous years (most of it gets ripped up so quickly as the children open their presents!)….
    I’m looking into recycled wrapping paper, but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth paying the extra for something that’s going to be ripped up ?
    I thought about making a draw string bag for each present, but that would take for ever!
    I’m also trying to stay away from the plastic toys..which I always do, (hubby doesn’t think the same as me!)and I’ve found so many lovely books, and toys in the charity shops.
    (I feel so much better for not buying from the money grabbing big stores)…
    I’ll stop filling up your comments now and wish you a very Merry Christmas Monika…hopefully we’ll catch up in the hols!

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