felting with yarn

Today I was hoping to take some pictures of scarves I made last week, but it has been one of those grey wintery days + as we are nea the shortest day of the year, before I noticed it was dark again. I can show you the ones I made some time ago and haven’t posted about them yet.  You might have seen them on my Flickr account or in my shop – well, there is not much synchronicity between my blog and the rest :). 



This time it is not felted, but sewn together. It was first in ecru, then I dyed it on the hob with three different shades of purple and pink. I hope to make more of this type exploring different colourways.


 This is another fishnet scarf, all natural colours, mixture of merino, BFL, Shetland wool, soya fibre and madder dyed merino, combined with  greyish yarn. I first blended all the fibres on the carder then felted.

And here these are again different variations on felting with yarn:



I was pleased how this black came out, real jet black, 5 % DOS, dyed on the hob and instead of vinegar I used citric acid.  And from the exhaust I got lovely greyish-navy-brown.


4 thoughts on “felting with yarn

  1. Love all the colors. I wish I knew how to dye! I’m really looking forward to that. And the textures to achieve with the yarn and wool are just great. Really beautiful!

  2. You know I love all three scarfs as I already commented on them on Flickr!
    Amazing how black that is! Great! Can you tell me what is a hob? It probably has something to do with dying but I’m such a newbie on that field! Love to learn! 😉

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