The snow was falling yesterday followed by today’s frost.  It is almost white – and calm. No winds which are so common up here. Watching snowlakes flying slowly down makes me calm and a wee tiny bit homesick. Last winters before we moved abroad had been very white and frosty…



…so, being calm – or just wishing to be? – well, somewhere between that I was creating again. Sometimes I wish just to be quiet and make… but we need to eat and sleep,  go and come back, and talk and listen, sometimes to take and often to give…


some of what you see here is to give,

some is to sell – do we need to sell?

…do I need to sell?

…what makes you feel better?

…what makes me feel better?

…thinking about this these days…

…only time will tell…


9 thoughts on “wintery

  1. Monika, I think that selling your work is not only about ‘selling’ but also about appreciation for your work & your craftmanship. Every piece you design is unique & contains part of you. To part from that is also about letting go and giving joy to others… Don’t we all want to give a piece of joy to others? I’m sure you’ll find the balance soon…
    Now I can see that the postwoman is a bit slow these days! 🙂

  2. Told you on Flickr already, love the colors and the textures. I wish it snowed here too so we can feel that calm as well… there is something about snow, it seems to muffle everything else…
    I want to create so badly too. I’ve busy these days with other things of creative nature, but not what i was wishing to do. Time time, I want more time!!!

  3. What a beautiful collection!
    The snow is really great isn’t it?
    It’s funny with Christmas coming up, it is great to discover the joy of making things to give.
    But selling is also great because people who you don’t know get to experience being touched by you through the beautiful things you make, and that is a gift in it’s self.

  4. Snow is definitely peaceful, even if it makes your toes freeze and makes you put on layers of socks and jumpers….(I look about 3 times bigger than I usually do!!!)

    I’ve been making things to sell and now also thinking about things to give for xmas…..
    My ultimate dream is to keep making functional (clothes, jewellery) things to sell (and sell them), and exhibit in art galleries and become known for my ceramics , etc….
    I’ve sold 4 items in my shop in 2 days…and it does make me feel great!!
    But I also feel good when I give people things…..without any reason…just because I want to!
    It’s about finding a balance like you say.

    What C and Artmind said is true too….a part of you is in everything you make and that’s very special!

  5. hi,

    I can finally meet when you are free. I would love to collect the shibori and to chat. Do you think we could try for lunch one day and perhapes get a few others? carolyn, joy etc?
    I adpre the candle holders – you are so talented.

  6. Yey, thank you all for sharing your thoughts!!!
    I agree with you – with one doubt/objection though, that selling needs time,
    if I want to sell I need to be in the shop/on the market and I must admit, I would rather be in a studio :)……………………………………………………..
    the secret probably is finding the right balance every day
    m.O.nika Ox

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