Yarn experiments

Thank you again, for all your kind comments. I too love that shibori piece and hope to explore it more, maybe with your help again!

While I was waiting for your colour suggestions I was back felting with the yarn again. Well, I must say, after I posted about this scarf, I thought I am done with the technique, I have proved that yarn can be felted on it’s own, without a presence of any other wool… but after reading comments by Sarah from Mogwai Designs and Mitsy from ArtMind (do check their work!!!) I gave it a second thought.

Here you can see an interpretation of a thought No 1, it is a scarf similar to the ones I made before but I laid the fibre in a different way and the result is more open, yet VERY firm cloth.

There is one thing which keeps me going back to the yarn and that is a drape and a look similar to a knitted scarf. I so admire some of those knitted scarves I have seen on the web! The drape, chunkiness, texture!!! I used to knit at the secondary school, never took it very far though and can’t imagine myself knitting now. While I would certainly enjoy the process, to me it is a very slow one. I am too impatient to materialize my ideas as they seem to be many at the moment. But, never say never…



now available





6 thoughts on “Yarn experiments

  1. great experiment. I like mixing yarn to felted pieces as well… well, more like mixing it with the wool, just for texture. Never tried what have done here, though. Looks great. What it that shinny bit?? what fiber? or is it just the pic? it looks like there was some kind of shine on it.

  2. I’ve never mixed yarn but everytime I see these gorgeous bundles of yarn on Etsy, I wish I could knot properly. You definately proved that there’s no need to know how to knit as it seems that yarn does felt fabulously! I love this scarf – wonderful experiment!

  3. Joni, your comment is very poetic, thank you!
    Marian, thank you! I have used a bit of silk and tencel to add a shean, only on one side though. The merino on one side is teal, on the other side steal green. The teal one is with shean.

    If you don’t mind, I will keep replying to your comments here as our little disscusion can be interesting for others as well.

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