shibori experiment

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First, thanks to all of you who have come and left a comment on my previous post. I enjoyed reading them all and it was very interesting to see your colour preferences.

Blood red got the most voices (7), followed by brown and emerald green (both 4), then navy blue and turquoise (both3) and scarlet (2). Mid Blue, black, violet and claret got 1 voice each.


the winner is an author of the comment No 8!!! “How exciting. What a fab idea. I can’t wait to see it. 1 and 9 for me. it will look flame like – but shibori. Brilliant” by Joni Phippin! Cogratulations, Joni!

So, I dyed part of the cloth with scarlet and the rest with blood red. Joni was right, it does look flame like – and gorgoues (and the colour  is almost  like an antidepressant in these dark grey days)!

…still wet…


…dry and untied…


…the back side…


(I took plenty of pictures, but because itis soo grey over here, I could use just few)

My original idea was not only to change colour but texture as well. As we don’t have dryer I used all kinds of tools to dry it quickly so that I could untie the buttons and take a picture before it gets too dark. It would be nice to see the pattern when the piece is flat, but I will leave it like this and let Joni decide if she wants to wet and flatten it and reveal the design. If she does so, I am sure she will let us know on her blog.

I too liked the original yellow piece and some of you suggested to leave it and perhaps hang it as it is. But I was too curious + I need those buttons back 🙂 + some of them dyed in the process and now I have some lovely redish buttons for a next project.



11 thoughts on “shibori experiment

  1. That is beautiful. I hope Joni will flatten out some small part , I’m very curious to see how the resist dyeing patterned the scarf. Those dyed buttons look glossy and beautiful too.

  2. Oh, that is just amazing! Joni, how curious I am, I would leave it like this as it’s plain gorgeous! Congrats on soon having an original red2white, I’m enjoying mine so much! 🙂
    Monika, what a fun experiment and blogpost was this – thank you for sharing!

  3. It looks fabulous! When I want something to dry quickly and fix a shape I pop it in the oven of my Rayburn (like an Aga) sitting on top of a tea towel. No disasters yet!!

  4. I forgot to mention, I was as excited and curious as you when I was waiting for this Thursday! Since I did a lot of tie-dyeing in the past, this time, I wanted to see the shape after the wool dries, you can´t achieve this with cotton, I wonder how silk would keep the shape, I would guess similar. But I will make more pictures when the clouds lift up a bit and spread the piece so that we can see more of the pattern on both sides. I am quete amazed, how regular pattern is on the back. Now, you can hear my brain working – thinking of all the possibilities!

    Nicola, I used microwave, radiator and hairdrayer, I have just ordinary oven, I needed to dry it within an hour… but good idea, thanks!

  5. OMG. Oh my oh my. I am so so excited. It is gorgeous. Truly truly gorgeous.

    I can’t believe how lucky I am.

    I would love to leave it as is. It is so sculptural. I am in love.
    Sorry to those who wanted to see it flat.

    Thank you so much Monika.

  6. that is a fantastic piece of felting! Another thing that gives pretty cook textures, I’ve tried, is ….err… oh god how are they call in english… the little glass balls with which kids play… well…too late, brain doesnt work. i will come back when I remember! hahahaa
    Great work!

  7. I love it even more like this. Orange is so lovely. And a didnt think of orange because I was thinking i two colours.
    Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  8. Great outcome! Wonderful colours and such an interesting technique. I love your shiny new buttons too.
    Now to go and visit all your commenters blogs……

  9. I know this is an old blog post, but i have one question. Do you leave the rubber bands in, after it has dried? Do you have a tutorial for how this is done?

    • Hi Josie, I remove the bands since the wool keeps the shape while dry. I don’t have any tutorial, but I am sure there will be some on the internet under shibori.

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