Let’s play!

Hello All!

I invite you to join me in dyeing and win this piece! You wonder what is it? It is a piece of felt, made first in white, dyed yellow and then tied around cca 90 buttons of different size.  I wish to overday it again with acid dyes and let it dry with buttons tied on to achieve bubbly texture and variances in colour.


I would like you to choose the colour and predict the resulting colour,  whatever you choose it will mix with yellow. So, the colours for overdaying are:

  1. blood red
  2. mid blue
  3. navy blue
  4. turquoise
  5. black
  6. violet
  7. brown
  8. emerald green
  9. scarlet
  10. claret

Please, choose maximum of two colours, predict the resulting colour and leave a comment to this post. On Thursday at 9.30 am UK time I will draw one number from among the comments, dye with the given dye(s) and show you the result of this experiment later in the evening. The person whose colours were chosen wins the piece, which can be used as a collar or scarflett.

Come on, all you artists and crafters, have a go/guess!




15 thoughts on “Let’s play!

  1. Turquoise and scarlet would be my choices and I think the end result would have a lovely grass green shade and orange as well as the original yellow. I love your felt experiments.

  2. Well, that looks just cool like it is! You know I love yellow. 🙂

    I would guess that if you added 6. violet and 1. red you would have brown/red scarf…I don’t know much about acid dyes but I think violet and yellow make brown. 🙂

    Love the shibori style scarf too.

  3. What a fun contest! But oh so hard…
    I’m all for ‘ton-sur-ton’ so I would probably go for hues like brown & burgundy so that it would become a scarflett of fall colors.
    Monika, I actually love it like it is, it looks like a piece of art – beautiful! 🙂

  4. Hallo Monatka.

    I cant leave a comment on your blog. Don´t know why.
    Nice competition. I have used this technique. But i dyed it the first colour with the buttons in.

    I would add read in some places and then go for some brown in other places. That 8I hope would give me autumm).

    You will get yellow rings where the rubberbands are now.

    I look forward to se the result.


  5. Oooo…this is fun Monika : )
    I would go for Turquoise and Emerald Green as it would turn out lots of vivid shades of green with splashes of yellow. Plus, I’m mad into green just now.

  6. Monika~~~ I love this! It does look amazing as it is just now!
    I am going towards the emerald green, but I think the claret would be lovely….or the violet…OH this is hard…how can you choose!?
    You could dye one end claret, and the other emerald green?
    I just like clashing colours don’t I?

  7. Oh fun!
    I will choose blood red (Im a red person…) and I suppose it will turn out as a very bright strong orange.
    And ….second color…mmmmh brown (what’s claret??). I think it will make a deeper, more even brown…and it would be very cool if it had some …how do you call them… lines of yellow underneath… or mixed between… sorry, english failling today.
    CAn’t find the right words.
    However, can’t wait to see the results, whatever the color… love the texture of this piece already!

  8. I am so amazed at this work of art you have created.
    It looks incredible, and what patience you have!
    I would certainly be tempted to leave it as it is and hang it on the wall!
    I’m going to go for navy blue and my guess is that it would become a lovely dark green with yellow.
    I will also go for black which I think may turn black or very dark brown with yellow, It is so hard to choose from all these colours!
    But I have gone for the darks.
    Good look everyone!

  9. Oh blood red and emerald green would look grand. It would make the scarf an orange color with bits of very dark where the green set in deep. And I will do one too, looks great fun with these buttons!

  10. I’m going with the blood red and turquoise.The result will be some orange where the blood red and yellow mix, hints of green where the turquoise and yellow mix and where all three colours mix it will be a sort of purply brown I think. I enjoyed doing that , great idea for a contest. I hope I’ve made it in time for the draw.

  11. Hope this is still in timke for the draw! I choose mid blue and navy blue. I love all the autumn shades that you could get with the reds, browns etc but would really like to see the different greens achieved with the various blues.

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