in red

My younger daughter chose red both for her slippers and mittens. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, the older one wanted first red and later blue, so we decided to mix these two colours and dyed them violet.




For the mittens I used kid mohair locks and 4 layers of merino on each side. They are quite thick, but still soft.


For the slippers I layered 6 layers of Corriedale wool, 54’s and 58’s quality. It felted very well, the felt is dense and firm. In comparison with Massam, which I used for purple slippers, it felted easier. Massam makes “bubbly” felt, Corriedale smooth. The red slippers are embellished with wool nepps to add a bit of texture and dyed with pure red dye. To shape them, I used pliers again and – a wooden spoon, pulling with pliers and pushing with the spoon on the other side. They fit like a potty (sorry, I couldn’t help it, that’s one of Slovakian expressions 🙂 I am very pleased with how thick they are.

To make them more durable and less slippy I sprayed the soles with adhesive spray (for wood, carpets, fabrics… bought in Focus, DIY store).


I also finished soaps and made another Christmas present – a scarf in a raspberry colour. It is made from merino wool embellished with tussah silk fibre and dyed with red and a bit of black. Beutiful juicy colour and great texture.



7 thoughts on “in red

  1. By the way, do you always use natural colored wool and then dye it?? just wondering… Ive been thinking about learning to dye myself… seems like something nice to know when you are a wetfelter…

  2. The scarf looks wonderful and yes what a sumptuous colour!
    You have been busy, as always.
    The soaps look lovely all together like sweets in a sweetie shop!

  3. Gorgeous scarf! Love the raspberry color!

    PS. Having boys is like understanding a constant hurricane…always something swirling around…occasionally and eye of quiet…then back to the motion!

  4. Thank you all for your kind words! I will be off for a few days so that I can go round your blogs to see what you are doing!

    Marian, not always. I have been dyeing like this only recently. Before (when the weather was more merciful) I dyed with natural dyes, first rovings, then used it for feltmaking. It depends on the project. If I want just plain colour and explore more texture then it is easier to make it in natural colour and then dye. I enjoy dyeing very much, it is worth learning.

    Susan, God knows whoom to give what :-)!

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