Back to felt

Two weeks of holidays and two in-service days are over and we are back to school/nursery routine again. I did not do much felting during those days but I managed to list most of what I had made before in my Etsy shop which is a real achievement, I so much don’t enjoy doing this!

 I still need to either finish or take pictures of some more items before everything is on “shelves”.

On Saturday I was again felting with local feltmakers and this is a result. I made a mistake (chatting too much) while laying the fibre for mittens, you can see the seam which should not be there. First I made it in white and then dyed with acid dyes.

It was also the first time I have heard that it is possible to do City and Guilds Course in Feltmaking with Arty Bird, now, I wish……… we shall see :).

 “Back to school” means back to felt for mum! So, today, I was again felting, this cute soap bar among other things, which are not finished yet, will show you soon. I like this shape of soaps, but have not been able to source more yet. All the ones I have seen in shops are oval. Doesn’t anybody know where to get the square or rectangle ones???

 I was also tidying up my “on-line spaces” and noticed that there are some pictures which I have posted on Flickr but not here and vice versa.  This plain yellow scarf is made from merino and tencel, fibre, which I use a lot and like very much. It is a cellulose fibre, made from trees, known also as lyocell, similar to mulberry silk (but half it’s price). It is a bit heavier, but with the same sheen and takes up acid dyes very well. I haven’t had good results with natural dyes, nor food dyes. They work well only on protein fibres.

For this scarf I used wool-acrylic knitting yarn which I bought back home and combined it with yellow and blue merino and a bit of yellow silk thread. Because the yarn is heavier, it has got a beautiful drape. I must say, this is probably my most favorite way of making scarves at the moment: sandwiching yarn and merino together, where merino serves like a glue, holding everything together.

This second scarf i available here, merino, tencel and some other fibres from here.



5 thoughts on “Back to felt

  1. great work! love those scarfs… I didnt know about that celullose product, sounds interesting. Love the baret! I should make myself one considering the cold weather these days!

    I can not wait until my kid goes to school. He is only two so…I have some time to wait. The couple of hours a week that he goes to kindergarden are heaven!!!

  2. Thank you, Marian! I forgot to put a link to some more info about tencel, I will do so soon. It is a good fibre plus it is a half price of mullbery silk.
    Exactly, it is soo cold, I am not sure if the beret is enough! But this one fits well.
    Oh, tell me, this is the first year in seven years that I get daily some hours on my own… ox

  3. I also fancy the artybird course. Not sure how much further it would take us/how advanced it is, but you always learn something and I would love the qualification. There are other places that do a C&G in feltmaking.
    There is a proffessional felt course by Chris white in America. It is amazing. She would happily come here to run a five day advanced course if I had enough people interested. There is a link for her site on my blog. Magpie.

  4. You have been awfully busy! Great work – I love looking at your pictures and reading your blog. Eve though you can see the seam at the mittens, I love ’em – they are so classy! 🙂

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