W for winter, w for white

Our girls were jumping with excitement this morning because it looked like, well, at Christmas! All white and more snow falling down – and for most of the day.

Now, I am not sure if we don’t have fingers in this :), we have been making traditional Slovakian Christmas cookies yesterday…

(well, I made the dough and the girls DID THE REST! while I was resting on the sofa! Sarah, I will gratefully sew the labels as long as they cook and bake :))



5 thoughts on “W for winter, w for white

  1. wow look at that snow on the lvoely flowers! madness, but am still a little jeolous we don’t have some here, I LOVE snow!

  2. These cookies look fantastic. Well done girls!!
    I’m well and truly inspired and fired up to do some christmas baking with the boys. Do they get iced and then put on the tree…or just eaten a.s.a.p?
    I agree…children cooking, parents creating, seems like a good deal to me!
    Thanks for the link.

    xx Sarah

  3. Bev, the snow is gone. Today it was calm and sunny. It’s like ‘wasn’t I dreaming, was the snow really here yesterday?’

    Sarah,:), both, these were made just because the weather was so miserable, we don’t usually make them so early. Officially, they should be decorated with icing, stored (I would probably have to bury them in the ground :)) and eaten at Christmas.I am sure, the boys would love to do some baking, my nephwes love to help my mum. I prefer not to be in the kitchen when our girls bake, I am a control freak plus don’t like to see all that increasing mess…. and they love it too, as they love to eat a raw dough!

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