Oh.. another tag!

It seems to me that there are periods of “no tagging” and then “a lot of tagging” in the blogworld. This time ArtMind rewarded me with  


This is an honour as I like her work very much and also the way she presents it on her blog, Flickr and Etsy.

These are just six random things which make me happy, most of the days I really like being and living .

  • when I get enough sleep (I would say this is crucial :))
  • cup of an English tea with a piece of cake after my lunch (does not have to be, but is like a cherry on the top…)
  • walking on the beach or in the woods (perfect untistressant, can’t have enough of it)


  • discoveries while making things (makes my heart beat fast)
  • oneness with my husband
  • watching my girls when they are asleep (I feel blessed and humble at the same time)

I would like to pass on this award to Joni, Gilfling, Bev, Marian, Fiona and Caroline.


2 thoughts on “Oh.. another tag!

  1. Look at your sweet girls! They make me happy too! 🙂
    Thanks for accepting the award. I admire all your work & I’m always astonished at your pictures in Flickr! 🙂

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