we did this…

I had to smile when I read the post by Sarah from Mogwaii Designs (check her lovely creations!) how she solved a dillema of working mum from home vs holidays.

I do the same, the girls have house duties plus Margaretka does a bit of math and Slovak reading every day (well, almost). According to our law as long as we are Slovak citizans she has to be registered with Slovak primary school and sit exams once in several years. So, yeah, I am still a teacher…

But you should see how they disappear when I mention a duty or reading! And how they appreciate their time to play once they are done!


3 thoughts on “today…

  1. What gorgeous puddings(girls) you have and well done for doing the creative thing with them. Give it a couple of years and they’ll be sewing all you labels.
    Thank you for mentioning my blog and doing the juggling thing.
    You’re a star!

  2. I hope that you don’t mind that I read your blog as I am interested in art/craft, Slovakia, and am a teacher.


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