October Holidays Diary

Me and my older daughter made a list of things we want to do/make/go/meet… during the half term holidays we have over here.

Changing winter clothes for summer ones is already done! Phew, don’t like this bit, it is like moving in a small house like ours is. Went shopping for winter boots – still have to “digest” the prices.

Walk in the woods with friends (oh, where is my camera!), lovely, lovely colours all around us, children happily hopping around – until my little one fell in a stream while trying to jupm over it. Wet up to the waist!  😦 Quick return home. Asked daddy tonight if he heard her crying, I suppose so.

Teaching the older one how to cross-stitch while I was being served a piece of a playdough cake by the wee one.  Cooking, tidying, washing – and more washing. Being and enjoying.


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