Playing with dyes and fibre

So far I have been using natural dyes and tried food dyes as well to dye fibre. But time has come to try out acid dyes too, especially as it is getting more wet and chilly to work with natural dyes outside.

I thought it would be easier to mix colours and measure amounts if I first make solutions of a certain strenght and have them at my hand when I want to dye.

And I have already tried them on some of the funky scarves I have felted in natural white and then dyed mixing 3 different colours for each scarf. I am pleased with how they came out. Colours and designs as well. They are such a good balance to what I have made so far, in my eyes “serious” cobweb lacy…scarves. They are something between scarves and necklaces I would say, but still surprisingly warm when wrapped all around a neck.

As I don’t want to jam my blog with too many pictures, if you would like to see detailed pics, please, go to my Flickr account, they start from here.

And that’s where I got my cold – when I was taking these pictures…but am better now, thank you for good wishes!


2 thoughts on “Playing with dyes and fibre

  1. I am soooo envious of people who can dye properly. Whenever i do it my colours end up really pale! I want lovely strong colours but do not have the patience to experiment and get it right!

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me Jo.

    I love your blog and I’ve just gotten immersed in your dyeing story.
    Great colours! I used to use acid dyes all the time back in the hand made felt hat making days. They are wonderful with wool and so easy to use. I’ve used all sorts of vinegars to fix them. I was even stuck without vinegar once and had to fix them with pickled onion juice…worked fine though.
    A friend of mine fixes easy cook food dyes with vinegar. Works well!

    Quid pro quo…your on my blogrole.


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