Take it Further Challenge – September

I have been thinking about the design topic for September which is LISTS.

I write “to-do” lists a lot. I use a list in a same way as Sharon has mentioned – to declutter my mind. If I have to remember several things and can not write them down my mind gets “overheated”.

My lists are no resolutions, no rules which I should follow, just things to remember – to buy (and these ones I tend to loose or forget at home 🙂 or to do – today, tomorrow, one day…

Only recently  I have noticed how often I write lists and how many I have around my working space. It is not very efficient because if I cross out 4 things on a list and another 2 remain I still have to keep the list. But because there is no more room for another “do-s” I end up with 2, 3, 4 sometimes even more small papers and eventually have to rewrite remaining “do-s” on a bigger sheet.

So – thinking about the topic more and trying to improve my “list” efficiency I have bought a notebook today and decided to write everything in there.

This is where I have taken the challenge so far. When I think of my lists one word crosses my mind – LONG. May be I should make a looong felt scarf and wrap it around my soar throat. I have got a cold and head like in a wool…

Good Weekend to all of you!


4 thoughts on “Take it Further Challenge – September

  1. A ‘list’ scarf – what a great thought. I hope you feel better soon too. I keep my lists in a book, it does help to have it all in one place.

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