I have done some dyeing recently. This is merino dyed with tea. I was collecting used tea bags over a week or so (puting used tea bags in a small pot filled with water) plus added some new ones, boiled for cca 10 minutes, pour the dye in the dyeing pot, again boiled the tea bags for cca 10 min, again poured the dye in the dyeing pot… repeated it for about 6-8 times. The tea bags ripped in the process so I used very fine sieve to avoid having little element in the pot with my merino. Then slowly (very) increased temp up to cca 90 degrees and simmered for about an hour. Left in the dye overnight, rinsed, left dry. No mordant needed. Color: well, like tea. Lovely, good for blending.

If you first felt and then dye with tea bags in a glass jar in a microwave, eg. color is more cooper. Like this or this (both dyed with tea bags after felting finished).

This is merino dyed with Brazilwood. Isn’t this amazing!!! The top color is just alum and brazilwood. The three others I achieved after washing soda dip. The longer it stays there the darker the color.

This is the second extract

and this is the third – still so much dye! In the middle are some mohair locks and at the bottom is angora sliver. Angora is very difficult to wet, it was floating in a bowl of water for more than a day althoug I put a plate with a stone on the top of the fibre to keep it soaked. I think it got completely wet only during the dyeing process. It absorbed much less colour but is such a lovely pink shade!

Now, don’t laugh. This merino and mohair locks were dyed with Tesco food coloring! The green and blue dyes are week, red and yellow is OK and black – turns into lovely maroon!!! To extract all the color I put another merino in the black dye pot and so far it seems it will be bottle green. Ok, accepted. But would like to get that black one day.

I will write more about how I dye with both types of dyes soon. Stay tuned (and good night)!


6 thoughts on “Dyeing

  1. I am finding this very interesting! Loving the tea dye, what about fruit tea bags do you think that would work? Coffee? oooh

    I love food colourings, great instead of inks for lotsa stuff!

    You got some amazing colours!

  2. So many lovely colours!
    The brazil wood is amazing, and I like the tea a lot it’s a very subtle natural looking colour.
    Do the food colouring dyes run out or fade easily, or do they stay fast?

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