As you might have noticed, I don’t use much colour in my felt. Not that I would like the world to be white, red and grey, not at all! I love colours but I love when they are just right, like in the nature. They don’t clash, are the right shade and hue and evoke all kinds of moods. And because often I feel that I am not getting “that” colours right I rather do not work with them. But it is going to change…

I slowly add different colours to my wool stash by dyeing white merino. I have dyed with tea and brazilwood recently – amazing colours. Will show you pics when all is dry. And I dyed with Tesco food coloring as well. Surprising colours! – but more about it soon. Today I would like to show you how I had a “meeting” with almost all the colours in my stash (dyed merino which I bought in very small quantities at our feltmaker’s meeting in Dingwall).

First, I made this scarf. I call it a sampler. Without much planning but with my eyes opened I chose individual colours and laid one next to each other. For some time I had it on my board observing how individual colours go or don’t go together, the ones I like, the ones I like less, combinations I like…

Then I made this rainbow scarf. To me it is a total madness, completely out of my comfort zone. Not that I dislike it. I do like it and I am going to wear it, but I am not sure how many scarves like this I would bear to make.

I was thinking about balance at the same time – such was a theme for August Take it further challenge. When I was making the rainbow scarf I had to be careful about the selection and order of the colours so that the scarf would be balanced. The result is very “organized balance”.

To see what “unorganized balance” looks like I decided to put all my orange, blue and purple merino into a pile and make another, “lucky dip” scarf: I was simply picking wool with my closed eyes one after another and laying it in the same order (ok, ok, I cheated once when there was too much orange at one point). And here is the result:

I like this one the most, I achieved balance with my eyes closed.

My life too becomes more balanced when I close my eyes – in prayer.




  1. i like both the scarves but i must say the second one with orange and blue appeals to me just a tiny little bit more. amazing isn’t it that at times you can keep working englessly arranging & rearranging things to achieve a particular end and at other times it all just falls into place and “works”.

  2. I love the way you challenge you’re self and work with intention.
    What a lovely experiment to work with you’re eyes closed. I think work becomes very special when you acknowledge that creating is sacred in many ways.
    The scarves are lovely and fun, I think you have a great sense of colour.

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