Summer Crafting

When we were back home our older daughter was given a block of clay. So one rainy morning we had a go. I have finaly painted these three little things – choosing colours with my wardrobe in my mind. For creating a texture I used heads of different types of screws.


But if you want to see a clay work by a professional, check Highland’s Fairy blog and her Flickr account! Beautiful!

And I have also tried to work with a wire. This technique has got a long (cca 300 years) tradition in Slovakia. All kind of things can be made using different types of wires. Have a look, for example, here.

Interesting materials, but for now I will stick to fibre. I have been felting again and apart from other things which I will show you soon I have made this tiny bowl. Well, in fact, it is a result of an unsuccessful experiment, but I like it anyway. The white is merino, the brown wool is camel.

And I have made some felted soap bars too. They are on the way to my Etsy. Some colorful

and some just red2white.


4 thoughts on “Summer Crafting

  1. I love all of those! the blue cay piece would be a great button if you put some holes in when yopu stamped it. I could see it on a chunky cardigan. I love the sea horse, how did you get the shape so smooth?
    The red and white soap is fantastic. I have just finished the one I bought from you before!

  2. You have been busy Monika!
    I love the girls stamping!
    It’s fun isn’t it.
    I recognize the pen lid stamp!?
    You should make some buttons…
    and your wire work is beautiful!!!!

    and THANKS for sharing my sites..
    big KISS xx

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