Loch Ness

Today we went for a little trip to a nearby village Dores, which lays on the east bank of Loch Ness.

So this is the famous Scottish Loch, but sorry there was no Monster in sight. Had we bought this

we might have seen it. Instead we saw this lovely berries  and walked and played here

– and the Loch  itself, even without a monster is such a beatiful place!


4 thoughts on “Loch Ness

  1. Monika~
    did you walk along the beach to the forest?
    We love it there, and you managed to find brambles…
    I will show you the blaeberry wood..it’s along the Dores road, but much closer to Inverness.
    Look forward to seeing you soon~
    H xx

  2. Loving light on water…you captured a beautiful moment at Loch Ness….Seems like a hauntingly, ancient place.

    Our Lake Michgan (the lake with the big waves) is really more like a small ocean…amazing fresh water ride.

    Hope you are well! It looks like your summer has been glorious!

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