Take it Further challenge – July

was again a question: What is it to be at the half way mark? And this painted tee-shirt or vest is one of my answers to it.

Most of the time I am eager to start a new project, thing, challenge… and eager to finish it as well. My weakest point is that half-way time. I usually feel like leting the whole thing go, having a break and having, well, holidays… and that is exactly what I was doing in the middle of the TIF.

So I worked with the idea of holidays…

For me holidays are especially summer holidays: I had either been a student or a teacher so I think in terms of school years more often than callendar years. And even now being a mother, my year finishes when the school finishes in June and starts again in August/September (in Slovakia).

And summer holidays – it is a LOT of sun, flowers everywhere, green world around, being at the water, music and noise at open swimming pools, ice-cream, slow pace of life, easy and relaxed time. So I tried to preserve some of it in this vest.

First I painted flowers (wet in wet), then outlined the flowers with felt tip pen and painted details with yellow paint (all fabric paints and pens).

 Then I gathered the front part with stitches and painted gathered part with more yellow paint tu suggest sun rays.

And while I had my paintbox out I tried to salvage a tee shirt which I accidentaly painted with a blue silk paint. Because there were little blue dots in the left corner I just outlined them and added this little fish.


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