h o m e – nowhere and everywhere

Hallo,  dear all!
We are home again! We had a great great time in Slovakia, a lot of sun, splashing, swimming, being in the nature, wherever we went there were many children so  I hardly knew that I have mine with me, they all played nicely together. Everybody spoiled us, only after coming home I realized I had not cooked for five weeks!!! That itself was fantastic!
I realized also how much I love this change (though I had not look forward to it before we left), to live in two different cultures. I feel very enriched having this opportunity – and humble as well…
I am having a bit of a hard time to adjust now. I was looking forward to come home (here) but now feel a bit lost and uprooted. The same goes for my creativity. So I am reconnecting with the world around by doing a big clearout, trying to unpack and find a room for all what was in suitcases and some cleaning – and waiting for the end of holidays as I am unable to start anything creative with the girls around.
Before our holidays I promised to show you some of the felt scarves which I made and took with me as presents. I have been looking for some good pictures of them but can’t find any realistic ones. This is the only one where the colours are true:
I was trying to make scarves with some uneven edges so that when they are wrapped around a neck they create some interesting shape. When making these ones I was inspired by a dandellion leaf and its edges. Here you can see what they look like when worn:
My mum thought that they look a bit “claunish” 🙂 – and she is probably right. But she still likes them and is going to wear the one I made for her.

3 thoughts on “h o m e – nowhere and everywhere

  1. Lovely to have you back. I like the effect of the scarves – like a calyx after the flower has opened. I hope you settle soon, I always find it a strange feeling when something that has filled up my life even for just a few days comes to an end, and returning from five weeks away is a big change.

  2. You are right, Fiona, it is quite strange how within hours we can get so far away, from one place to another. And I was surprised how much I still felt at home there, after being here for two solid years – and in spite of the fact that I feel very good and at home like here as well.

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