From Far Away

All my dear friends, those I know in person as well as those I know only “on-line” and to all whom I don´t know but who are reading this… I am sending you a lot of very warm and summery greetings from the centre of Europe. Warm, because I haven´t forgoten you at all! and warm – well, because it is very warm here indeed! The temperature is around 25, more often 30 degrees and I feel half cooked. Our days are filled with a lot of splashing and swimming, sunbathing and above all  chatting with all our dear family and friends we haven´t seen for over two years. Precious moments.

As I am now more or less a guest most of the time I am free from cooking and a houswork which gives me more time to be with the girls and sometimes do some reading and scribling in my sketchbook and thinking and rethinking my life as a mum and “an art student”. This is a time for me just to “be” rather than “do”.

Wherever you are and whatever the weather is I wish you a lot of happy moments!!! oxo


2 thoughts on “From Far Away

  1. helloooo Monika!!
    It sounds like you are having a lovely time.
    Sending warm thoughts and Scottish breezes your way~~~
    Heidi xx

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