Take it Further June

…is about STASH as something which is full of possibilities and potential.

I have been thinking about the word stash, what is it? A piece of fabric or thread, my (quite unused) paints and brushes, papers and wool and dyes… nettle in the garden, gorse behind it… rusty metals or wilted flowers I could “dye” with, used tea bags, onion skins, shells from a beach …

…all full of POSSIBILITIES, which seem to be endless…

…they often take my sleep away, but not my DREAMS…

100 % cotton t-shirt dyed with tea bags, colour modified with iron, handpainted, felted flower with a safety pin on the back. Better pictures to come :), if it doesn’ t rain again. But if it does I will have the right kind of water for dyeing with brazilwood! Is the rainwater stash as well???


  1. Of course! What better to have in our stash than rainwater.
    I haven’t visited your blog for a while – definitely remiss of me – what a lot of fun you have been having with natural dyes and felting. I love your wavy felt from the last entry.
    Thankyou for your kind words on my blog – sorry we aren’t in the same class _ I enjoyed your insights last time we did one together

  2. This has a nice surreal quality to it, almost like a distressed black and white photo. I bought a bunch of stuff to try natural dyeing, hopefully I can try it soon. All part of my burgeoning stash!

  3. oh yes rain water can count as stash:)
    guess it’s the zeitgeist as we’re all working with rust one way or another . i agree with Fiona it’s like a haiku.

    neki desu

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