Wool related

I have been carding the wool I dyed. First I tried hand carders, but it seemrf neverending plus I wasn´t happy with little batts I would was getting. I wished to have slivers again so that I could easily pull wisps of fibres. I would not have been carding unless I have met such a generous artist and feltmaker as Joni Phippin  is. She lives in the same town and willingly offered me her drum carder to try it out before I decide if I buy  one for myself or not. I am very gratefull to her, since I not only have the dyed  merino  in a sliver form again, but I could also learn how to blend different fibres. I have watched a helpful set of tutorials on You Tube, the first part starts here.

On the above picture you can see merino dyed with gorse plus silk hankies added – pale yellow, the orange one is dyed with madder, the greenish yellow is stinging nettle and yellow orrange is gorse, maddr and gorse dyed silk hankies blend.

And then I was back felting. The following cape went to a little girl celebrating her 3rd birthday. It well fits even my older daughter.  Again I layered the finest merino, plus a bit of madder mohair on the top of our dinning table. This time I embellished it with the holes, which I made pushing the wet fibres apart with a sharp end of scissors and my left pointer.


This picture shows other feltmade things, but I can´t show you more since they are also gifts and I don´t know if the recepients are not lurking around :). So once they are with their owners, I will show you more. The coloured ones are made from blends of at least 4 different fibres, all either natural shades or dyed with natural dyes. Oh, no, pardon, the bluish one is synthetics.

If I could I would dye and felt aaaaall day long… I am very tired but very happy too.


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