Yellow in Scotland (part 2)

continued from here

Believe me or not I have been as excited (and impatient) as you to see this finished. And it is here, I have made it!!! I am as happy as the colour of this jacket looks happy! So here you can see my first felted jacket in full glory :). It is made of merino 21 micron which I dyed with various dye plants (gorse, broom, daffodil, dandelion) and embellished with silk threads and brownish tapestry wool cut into little pieces. Just what I had on hand.

It is not without mistakes, of course, but I have learned couple of important things about wool again, the shrinkage and especially how to work the seams. I haven’t felted it in one piece, I was trying to use my half felted dyed merino so made four pieces of fabric and then felted the seams together. Because the pieces were already felted it was more difficult to join the seams (overlaping one over another) than if I worked just with prefelts. And it is a bit smaller than I planned, but, as you can see, it is still wearable.

I have been working on this for five days, every day one or two hours, as I could. That’s what I find difficult about felting bigger pieces: one needs a lot of time to finish it since the wool shouldn’t be left soapy for too many days. I am going to wear it now and see how durable my felt is.

Have a good week all of you!!!


10 thoughts on “Yellow in Scotland (part 2)

  1. I am completey lost for words, that jacket looks amazing, I wouldn’t know where to even start with that. Its really beautiful. Well done.

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