……………..still felting………………….

Thank you very much to all of you for your encouragement! Uh, I need it when I see so much wool to be felted.
The batts which you can see here are cca 200 g and yes, I have already felted all of them yesterday and today. But because it was partially felted it wasn’t sooo hard and then I did not have to lay the fibres which I find the most time consuming.
I have died once with dyer’s broom, once with dandelions and daffodils and three times with gorse. I  have much more yellow fibre left (some I dipped in the madder dyebath to exhaust it so are a bit orangish), but most of them has to be carded. And I have some “madder” batts as well.

Tomorrow I hope to cut out individual pieces for the jacket/cardigan and felt them together. I am thinking of a wool like it was a glue – wool joins/traps “things” together, doesn’t it?

I wish one day I will be able to felt a jacket as one piece…


3 thoughts on “……………..still felting………………….

  1. The colours you are getting are fantastic – I can’t wait to see the jacket either. Your dyeing adventure is so exciting!!

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