May Take it Further Challenge

This month TIF has been a real challenge for me. Ever since I have started my blog I have been wondering what to put in my “About”. I understand that newcomers like to check quickly who is the writer and for this reason I wanted to write something in there. But what? Who am I? Who is that person who writes mostly about craft or art? Is it an artist, crafter, mum, woman, man, old, young, married…?

I was a student of economics for ten years. In relation to my current activities and hobbies I sometimes ask myself if it was a good choice. Hard to tell.

First, as a child I really liked to play with money, papers, stamps, forms… and wished to work at the till. So after primary school I chose secondary commercial school. And because I liked it there and I enjoyed the theory of macroeconomics and finance I went on to study it at the university.

Second, there wasn’t much choice at that time. Because I wasn’t from a communist background and there were so few places at any art school I never really thought about studying art, although I have always made things using mainly fabrics, clay, paints and paper.

Then I became a teacher – of economics

and after couple of years  – mum of our two girls.

So now I am a housewife and mum. And for the rest – I would call myself a student of art and craft at the moment. Having access to great books and magazines here in the UK I have learned very much since we moved over. First I was overwhelmed by contemporary embroidery and patchwork and now I am absorbed by feltmaking and dyeing. But spinning and weaving look very interesting too :). One day I would like to use all my dressmaking, dyeing, feltmaking and stitching knowledge for wearable art…

At the moment I am in the “dyeing phase”.  I suppose it is more craft than art. As for the respect of other people – I still look at my activities as a hobby and don’t really worry what other people think about it. I am passionate about them and it makes me happy to make or create. And I don’t like all that talk about differences between art and craft.


7 thoughts on “May Take it Further Challenge

  1. Passion is what life is all about. If we are passionate, the rest doesn’t really matter. I don’t like the art/craft discussion either. It feels like we degrade craft when we make the distinction, and craft can be the love (or passion) part of it. I like your dye samples. And your girls are so adorable.

  2. isn’t it strange and amazing how we all love what we do that’s what sets our work and experiments apart and with blogs we can share what we do and take our work to even greater heights. Your shade cards are so yummy!

  3. How lovely that you are back in blog land sharing you’re colourful experiments!
    of course it is hard to define yourself when you are such a multi talented lady!

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